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Who we are

Portlane is a Portuguese company founded in 2006, working in a global market. Started supporting Critical Systems, copping with high levels of demand implementing processes and systems.

Terms such as “Response time”, “24/7”, “level of availability” are used daily. Based on its professionalism, competence and dedication inherent, through time our main focus became Tolls and traffic surveillance systems, consolidating in tool maintenance of Collection Systems.

In 2008, Portlane follows the growth of the market and system requirements and decides to developed devices to improve performance with specific characteristics Currently, Portlane develops and implements innovative technological solutions introducing new products and ideas in the telecommunications market.


Focus and main concerns

It aims to fulfill its purpose with innovation and efficiency by creating stability and availability of Critical Systems, providing solutions to improve the performance of each system, to the complete customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Ethic, professionalism, quality, accuracy, respect for mutual interests, recognition and the accomplish of all the commitments accepted by everyone involved in the organization. These are the values we stand for.

Portlane Goal

Recognized as a reliable company in the business market, ensurying inovation and improvement competence in the solutions presented but also making the difference, providing quality and total satisfaction and loyalty of each of all our clients.


The excellence of our services is achieved through know-how and dedication to each project, acknowledging our clients needs through sustained internal organization in continual technical training, identifying weaknesses and taking actions to insure a better service.

// Portlane offers a wide range of services particulary Traffic Tolls and surveilance systems. These systems include preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance. Portlane provides a team of skillful technicians. It works with all kind of equipment’s such as road side equipment´s, supported by a communication network.
Working 24/7 Portlane ensures an effective service of detection, analysis and response to malfunctions with a quick response time and high level of service, in equipment such as lane controllers, antennas, inductive loops, laser height detectors, displays, card reader, among others.

// With the know-how acquired in data network, Portlane developed another project: telecommunications market. This includes a creation of a portfolio and a wide range of softwares, that extends from creating, installation and maintenance of fiber optic infrastructure, configuration and maintenance of SOS systems.
In order to answer to the markets needs and above all to became a privileged business partner, we decided to established strong partnerships with engineering and surveys.

// Porlane extended business with an innovation department, believing that we can make the difference by working hard and better.
As a technology company enriches the telecommunication markets, innovating its products, services, solutions and processes.
Porlane belives that innovation is a daily path, which allows to simplify people's life and fosters competitiveness. To develop this department we have alliances with an University and Institute, which due to dynamic effort and by sharing knowledge know- how create interesting and innovative solutions.
Quidbox is a recently product developed by Portlane. It consists in a revolutionist equipment, different from all others that aims to modify the way people use and interact with the TV, becoming the active center of family communication and entertainment.
This product was distinguished by International Innovation CES 2014, with Design and Engineering Innovations Awards.


We pretend to be a reliable business partner, ensuring innovation, updated solutions, making a difference by providing quality, total satisfaction and of each client.

  • Traffic Tolls system

    // Preventive and corrective maintenance in 21 tolls plazas with 166 lanes (manual or electronic toll charges, known in Portugal as "via verde") for around 108,8 miles ( 175 km).
    We proceeded to the installation and maintenance of cameras ALPR system (Automatic License Plate Recognition).

  • Emergency calls on the highway – SOS System

    // Installation and configuration of a detection system for malfunctions in 122 SOS in 108,8 miles ( 175 km).

  • Traffic Tolls system

    // Preventive and corrective maintenance of the traffic tolls system with 3 plazas and 32 routes ( manual and electronic toll "via verde") for 14.3 miles (23 km).

  • // Development, installation and maintenance of CCTV system, using dome and fixed cameras, working 24/24 in 3 toll plazas with surveillance system.
    To guarantee the safety of toll plazas, there's an emergency system of specials buttons, which in case of danger or robber can activate the system by sending a message to the central, zooming this toll lane.

  • Traffic Tolls system

    // Instalation and maintenance of Multi Lane Free Flow, with electronic use only, in 32 toll charging points for around 101,3 miles (163 km). There's a weather station, which allows keeping up the weather to ensure the system stability.

  • Electric cabinets

    // Electric cabinets development and installation to provide energy in the MLFF System. The challenge of this project consists in the solution of supplying energy by generator in case of malfunction.

Demonstração Encomendar Se é investidor, vai querer apostar na QUIBOX


QUID© Box - Quick User Interface Device

QUID Box is an innovative device that aims to revolutionize the existing model of use and interaction with TV and set-top boxes associated transforming this combination in an active center of entertainment and family communication. This device changes the paradigme of using television, giving a low cost solution that allows doing video calls, playing family games, shopping online, using utility apps, access media content on the entire family different mobile devices. All of this through a new, simple and intuitive interaction interface that uses a combination of gestures and voice commands.
The QuidBox was distinguished with the CES Innovations Awards and awarded with honorable mention, going to the final of the contest. This was a crucial step since it was purchased by a team that believes in this work.

CES 2014
Innovations Design
and Engineering Awards

Home Audio
Video Components

innovations awards 2014
international CES
  • Technology for all
  • Brings people together
  • We join the family
  • Share moments
  • The magic of choices

// Simple and intuitive Interface (Gestual + Voice)

One of the main features witch distinguishes the QUID platform is its simple and intuitive interface, specifically designed for use in TV environment in the living room, using a complementary combination of gestures and voice commands without the use of remote control. The control through gestures available from quid Box works for different distances between the sensor and the user, which may be sitting on a couch or standing in front of the 3D sensor.
The interface navegation is accomplished through non-intrusive navigation bars using transparencies and reduced interface areas that allow the user to continue viewing the video content while navigating and exploring the different features of QUID Box.

// Video calls

Quid Box allows the user to receive and make high-quality video calls in an integrated environment with other features.

// Apps and Games

QUID Box offers a wide range of Apps and Games exclusively developed for a warm environment at home and explores ways to interface with voice commands and gestures.
A feature that distinguish the Quid Box Games and Apps is that they also make use of a non-intrusive manner of use, which allows one (or more) users to interact with the app or game, while the rest attend tv show or a movie.
There's a catalog with a game set available, wich allows the user to choose and select de games and apps to install, that are envolving and dynamic.

// DLNA Media Render

QUID Box offers a DLNA Render, allowing the presentation of all multimedia content from mobile devices connected to the box.
The QUID Box detects all connected mobile devices through wireless network, instantly showing all the multimedia content (movies, photos, and music) stored on the mobile device. The control of the presentation of the contents is performed by the mobile device connected, without first transferring files from mobile to QUID Box This feature makes displaying photos and movies stored on any mobile device in a simple and immediate act at a distance a click on your mobile device.

// Online web store

QUID Box has a online web store, wich contents can be broadcast live or previously recorded online. During the emission of a particular television content (previously defined for integration with the Box Shop QUID) to QUID Box overlaps a symbol of shop unobtrusive in the bottom right corner of the screen, which can be activated by voice command or gesture.
The QUID Box Shop also allows the user to brows other items related with the previously view, providing the same functionality to search for information and purchase these products.

"Any technology
gradually creates
a totally new
human environment."
Marshall McLuhan

Human resources

We’re a growing company, which works in a dynamic, modern and innovation social context. We aim to achieve extraordinary results working with our clients. Therefore not only we select wisely our human resources, but also our technical abilities. We care that our associates are ambitious, dynamic, have team spirit and integrity.

If you identify with our project and gather these characteristics send us your CV.


Ask for an appointment with our experts to better assess the most suited needs, objectives services and also to clarify your doubts..

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R. Cónego Constantino Sotto Mayor, 41
4715 - 286 Braga
Phone/Fax:+351 253 68 61 26
Technical support:+351 911 04 00 30




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